Project Mentoring

Project Mentoring is about helping the Project Team to:
Have clear direction and support through excellent communication, openness and trust, flexibility, understanding, listening, feedback, encouragement.
✓ Develop a focused project plan, based on common objectives / targets, value and risk studies
✓ Develop value improvement techniques at all stages of the project directed towards a lean and cost effective project, and to mitigate risk through effective risk management techniques
✓ Find ways of eliminating non-value added activities
✓ Have effective resources through promoting commitment, and knowing how to deal with excuses and resistance etc.
✓ Ensure successful project completion, understanding
what it means to be successful, and what it means not to succeed
✓ Have in place at all times an action plan to solve problems and to achieve performance, ensuring that personal commitment is maintained at all times.

For best effect, these need to be introduced to a (program) or project from the outset.
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