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Value Improvement Practices

Large process organizations have adopted the use of a “family” of best practice Value Improving Practices, also known as Value Improvement Practices (VIPs), to enhance their project planning, delivery and operation. There is a core set of industry accepted VIPs and there are some additional VIPs used by different organizations and the TEAM FOCUS Group.

Typically, VIPs are applied within an organization's formal, gated project management process. There can be some overlapping of individually applied VIPs. Several of these objectives may be achieved quickly and effectively through integration within The TEAM FOCUS Group Value and Risk Management process.

Example application areas

oil and gas,












water and wastewater treatment.

The TEAM FOCUS Group provides the following VIPs in conjunction with our Value and Risk Management services:

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Class of Facility Quality

bullet Definition of the best value facility classifications to meet the Business Plan requirements in terms of specific aspects.
B. Technology Selection
bullet Identification and evaluation of the technology most appropriate to meet the defined business need
C. Process Simplification
bullet Reduction of unnecessary investment and operating processing costs.
D. Design to Capacity
bullet Avoidance of over-sizing components and systems to meet the defined business need.
E. Design to  Cost
bullet Controls Cost throughout the design process by defining not-to-exceed cost targets for each system or sub-system of the project or product.
F. Waste Minimization
bullet Reduction of waste at source and re-use of waste for cost-effectiveness.
G. Customized Standards / Specifications / Practices
bullet Customizing of standards, specifications and practices that are appropriate to the application and not excessive to the defined needs of the specific facility.
H. Energy Optimization
bullet Maximization of total return on investment by judicious selection and use of plant utilities and equipment.
I. Facility Optimization
bullet Reduction in overall return in investment and operating costs by combining or making unnecessary one or more chemical or physical processing steps.
J. Constructability
bullet Analysis of a design by experienced construction personnel to reduce costs and save time during construction.
K. Value Engineering
bullet Identification of alternatives for meeting functionality and quality requirements at the least life-cycle cost.
L. Strategic Master Planning
bullet Needs identification and alignment of organization and long range infrastructure development.
M. Life Cycle Value Impact Assessment
bullet In conjunction with external stakeholders, a triple bottom line (social, environmental and financial) approach to determining most appropriate solution for the total life cycle.
N. Systems Optimization
bullet Efficiency reviews to optimize an in-service process or facility.
O. Reliability Improvement
bullet Provide an effective way to cost justify maintenance activities, decrease equipment downtime and identify solutions with a high return.
P. Risk Assessment & Management
bullet Risk-based decision making and management of risks.
Q. Supply Chain Optimization
bullet Integration of the entire supply chain (e.g. suppliers and installers) for full potential in terms of optimizing cost, schedule and quality.
R. Partnering
bullet Trust based process that focuses owner and service provider(s) on creative cooperation and avoidance of confrontation for mutual financial benefit.
S. Performance Criteria & Measures
bullet Performance Criteria and Measures allow stakeholders to explicitly model required performance (e.g. functionality, schedule, various impacts, etc.) for a specific situation and use the model to evaluate alternate solutions, independent of cost.

There can be some overlapping of individually applied VIPs.  Several of these objectives may be achieved through integration within the Value and Risk Management process.

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